“Fantastic ride and incredibly well organized. Thank you very much!”

Just wanted to thank you very much for a most enjoyable ride today. It was very well organized and all your hard work put into place was very much appreciated .”

‘Hats off’ to our amazing venue crew,  each of the very good humored 20 stewards and of course our lovely happy riders, all of whom had a great day at our fun ride on 6th Sep.  Photos of the ride on

Race night   RBL Hall Coleford,  Huge fun, very noisy and energetic (although you don’t have to ride.)  Just pick your horse, place your bets and watch it race.  Be an owner and pick up even more winnings.

Next year;   we hope to offer a new ride in 2021 around Faulkland 10 miles and 3 mile lead rein routes.  We will be using some of the routes we have recently upgraded including the one opened by HRH last summer, when she also inspected our gates and found them better than those at Gatcombe!