New Fun Ride for 2016 held jointly with South Somerset Bridleways Association

Photo (stourhead

Just a message to let all know that took part in the Stourhead Forest Ride yesterday that the photos are live and available for purchasing and viewing now at www.ttyphotography.co.uk. The link to the gallery is below. Was a lovely day and I met so many lovely, happy faces!! Hope you enjoy looking at the photos. Link – http://www.everybodysmile.biz/cgi-bin/public.cgi?Id=250135

 Really great photos Caitlin.  Many thanks


Sign the Petition to Make it illegal for drivers not to pass wide & slow when horses are on the road.

Another great fund raising year for MBBA and with our new Chairman Jo Rossiter at the helm, we look forward to the coming year.

The funds are available –  so let’s have some projects from you!

Thank you for your support during 2015 and we look forward to a busy 2016.

Do please join us at our events, they all raise money for our work and we believe our achievements speak for themselves.  Let us know if there is an event you would like us to host.  gjones@mbba.org.uk

  Let us know if you have a problem with a right of way and we will try to fix it.  Sometimes we joint fund with Somerset County Council, sometimes we fund the whole project ourselves.  Whatever the problem, we promise to do our best and stretch our funds as far as they will go.

Every membership counts so this year, please encourage all you friends to join MBBA, your support as a member is the cornerstone of our Association and enables our work to continue.

Happy youngster taking part in the recent Greenscombe ride.  This ride demonstrated the good network of bridleways in this area.  Sadly not all of Mendip is so blessed.

We are entirely voluntary and all the money from subscriptions and major fundraising goes to improve our riding routes in Mendip and create new ones. It is time to take on the responsibility of ensuring the future of our riding.  You know what significant improvements MBBA has achieved in the last few years in fact over the past 8 years we have funded over £55,000 worth of improvements to routes across Mendip.   Please help us to keep up our good work.

MBBA is fast becoming the most effective, successful and largest Bridleway Association in the country and as we continue our work into 2016 we really value every single one of you and your continued support.

The aims of the Association are to protect and preserve the character and status of Mendip’s green Ways, to advertise their existence via our map marking service and to encourage the active participation of our members to identify routes in need of improvement. We have a good working partnership with Somerset County Council and indeed many of our projects are joint funded.
To find out how we have been improving rights of way in the area, please see our Routes News page.

If you would like to join the Mendip Bridleways & Byways Association, please proceed to our Membership page, where more details and a membership form are available.

MBBA Constitution

You may download or view an up to date copy of the MBBA Constitution document in either PDF Format or Microsoft Word format.