Reporting faults on bridleways

To report issues online go to these issues are then immediately assigned to the Area Warden.
To report issues by phone; general enquiries 0300 123 2224. Network issues and defects will be added onto the online map by the adviser, other queries will be directed to the area warden for response.
Report issues by email to the Rights of Way mailbox; these will be directed to the appropriate area warden for response or adding onto the online map.
When reporting faults, please use the number for the path for identification. These are easily found on the ROAM website by using the Report an issue marker and expanding the map until the numbers become visible. They will have two capital initials and then a number eg FR 15/12

You can also contact MBBA via our fb site or direct toĀ  and we will chase it for you which all adds useful pressure. MBBA does not take the place of the Council however we can ‘encourage’ the Rights of Way dept to carry out its duty and also offer funding if they are unable to help due to lack of money. ‘He who shouts loudest’ works well with Som CC!! So don’t give up and ask for a follow up when the obstacle/problem has been corrected. This should also show up on their map.