Important News affecting all riders and horse owners

There is a new Facebook Page which is a must for all riders interested in being part of the growing group of vulnerable road users.  It is also the place to ask any questions about reclaiming lost routes and advice in general.  Horse Access Campaign. HAC

Bridleways & Byways News

Welcome to the MBBA News page. Here we have listed some of the most recent or ongoing snippets of news concerning MBBA and rights of way.

For all the latest news and updates about MBBA’s work on improving rights of way, please visit the Routes News page.

The new BHS dedicated accident reporting website is now live.  Any incidents involving a horse while riding on the Highway should be reported on this site.

We hope that everyone who is involved in any equestrian related incident will go directly to the website and report their issues. The main forms on the website cover equestrian related road accidents, slippery road surfaces, dangerous dogs, low flying, fireworks, and wind turbines. There is also room to report any other incident so that we can monitor other issues and include additional reporting forms as they become necessary. There is also a plethora of other useful equestrian safety information, advice and guidance for all riders and carriage drivers, plus a host of other useful stuff.

We all know that without hard statistical evidence, we are not in a position to lobby those in a position to make changes. ‘Statistics Make a Difference – Help us make a change’ tell us about it at and we will take matters forward.

Please tell as many people as you can about this brilliant new website and ask them all to use it whenever they have a problem.

Ragwort Alert!

Code of Practice on How to Prevent the Spread of Ragwort – PDF format>

Enforcing the Weeds Act 1959 – PDF format

Identify Injurious Weeds – PDF format

Guidance on the disposal options for common ragwort – PDF format

Weeds Act 1959 Complaint Form – PDF format