The MBBA Committee

The MBBA Committee comprises at present nine members, all of whom offer their services voluntarily.  They are, or have been, horse owners and riders, some just happy hackers and some serious competitors.  Our latest committee member is Anne Pearse who runs a livery yard and has lived in Mendip for most of her life so her local knowledge of old routes is invaluable.

We meet about three times a year and have a varied agenda for every meeting.  We spend time discussing fundraising for our various  projects and site visits are arranged with Somerset County Council and our contractors.  Each project takes time to get agreed and quotes must be given.  The route is photographed and a job specification worked out.  The work is then agreed by SCC and we give the contractor instructions to start work.  As well as work on existing routes the committee researches old maps to find ancient routes no longer in use.  A Definitive Map Modification Order is submitted for these routes and the long wait begins as it can take up to 12 years before a case is brought to a legal decision.

Along with our visits, events, rides, demos and clinics we are all kept fairly busy but are always happy to be contacted if we can be of help with a bridleway related problem.

Jo Rossiter   Chairman

Michele Reed   Vice Chairman

Victoria Lang  Membership

Hazel Reynolds  Treasurer

Ginnie Jones  Secretary

Lesley Bumford  Map Marking

Sarah Osborne Map marking and raffle

Bryan Ray Bridleways Officer

Cherry Lawson Committee member

Anne Pearse   Marketing