AGM Minutes


Mendip Bridleways & Byways Association

Annual General Meeting

18th November 2021

  1. General  The Mendip Bridleways & Byways Association (MBBA)’s Annual General Meeting (AGM) for 2021 took place at The Wagon and Horses, Shepton Mallet, on Wed 18th November 2021.   The following members of the MBBA Committee were present:

Ms Jo Rossiter                  Chairman

Mrs Ginnie Jones               Secretary

Mrs Victoria Lang               Membership Secretary

Mrs Caroline Bannell          Treasurer

Mrs Mary Comley                Maps

Mrs Anne Pearse

Mrs Hazel Reynolds

  1. 2. Welcome and Apologies

The MBBA Chairman began the meeting at 7:30 pm, welcomed those attending and thanked everyone for another good year of their continued support.   She gave the safety brief for the meeting and explained the contents of the MBBA handout pack.    Prior apologies for being unable to attend the AGM had been received from the following MBBA members:

Mrs Sarah Osborne,  Mrs Harriet Ray, Pat Bishop, Debbie Pickford, Lesley Bumford, Heather Yates, Judy Hallam, Sally Gaden, Jane Williams and Jayne Cox.

  1. Minutes of the 2020 virtual AGM            There were no minutes nor actions arising from 2020 as we were unable to hold a public AGM.
  2. MBBA Chairman’s Report                         The Chairman thanked everyone for their support during difficult times and highlighted that MBBA had still achieved a number of projects.  Jo spoke about the Redlands Ride and our hopes for future fund raising events, all of which will be rescheduled next year.  She also asked the floor about a 100 club and this was met with enthusiasm.  A vote of thanks was given to the Secretary who was presented with a lovely plant.
  3. MBBA Treasurer’s Report        Caroline gave a very clear explanation of the Accounts, which were published in the latest newsletter and also handed out to those who attended.  This year, we have received a number of donations and this was recognised and much appreciated.  She suggested that we should not let our total funds drop below £2,000 as there are annual outgoings.  Eg; the newsletter, our BHS insurance, website fees etc.  It was agreed to continue to send the newsletter as paper copy as it is kept by many as a reference point, rather than deleted.  There were no questions arising so they were proposed by Jo Rossiter and seconded by Barbara Cary
  4. MBBA Membership Secretary’s report          Victoria reported that we have 230 main members and family members make up the remainder.  Most are now on Standing Order which is super and there are no plans to increase the £15.00  membership fee.  Victoria asked all those present to encourage their friends to join MBBA as our subscriptions are the cornerstone of our fundraising.  The reduced entry fees to members at MBBA Fun Rides continues which makes it very good value.  Thanks were given to Mary who marks up members’ maps and has finished 17 this year, adding to the income.
  1. Election of MBBA Committee Members       In accordance with the MBBA’s Constitution three members of the committee are required to stand down at each AGM.
  2. Anne Pearse, Mary Comley and Victoria Lang duly stood down and all offered themselves for re-election. All three were then proposed for re-election by Jo and seconded by Hazel.  There were no bids for election from the floor.  All those present were in favour of these three re-elections.
  3. Any Other Business            Gates; 

MBBA is running a safer gates campaign in an effort to improve on the fast closing and sometimes illegal gates appearing on riding routes across Mendip.  A pro-forma was handed out to those present as a trial run for reporting faulty and dangerous gates.  Three forms were completed and the wording of the form was discussed and amended.   This will be discussed in depth at Ginnie’s meeting with Somerset County Council on Wed 24th Nov.

Mendip Bridleways & Byways Association

Annual General Meeting

i8th November 2020

Due to Covid restrictions, this year’s AGM was carried out on line, with prior notice of any items of the Constitution being changed, highlighted in the Autumn Newsletter.

General   The Mendip Bridleways & Byways Association (MBBA) Annual General Meeting (AGM) for 2020 took place at 7pm ‘on-line’ due to Covid restrictions.   The following members of the MBBA Committee were present:

Miss Jo Rossiter           Chairman

Mrs Victoria Lang          Membership

Mrs Sarah Osborne

Mrs Mary Comley          Maps

Miss Anne Pearse

Mrs Caroline Bannell     Treasurer

Mrs Hazel Reynolds

Mrs Ginnie Jones           Secretary

Mrs Harriet Ray

Item 1 –

All committee reports were published in the Autumn newsletter

Chairman’s Report, page 3

Treasurer’s Report and Accounts, page 13

Membership Secretary Report, page 4

The accounts were proposed by Jane Williams and seconded by Sarah Osborne

Item 2 – Election of MBBA Committee Members

  1. In accordance with the MBBA’s Constitution three members of the committee are required to stand down at each AGM.
  2. Jo Rossiter, Ginnie Jones and Debbie Pickford duly stood down and Jo and Ginnie offered themselves for re-election. Both were then proposed for re-election:

Jo was proposed by Anne and seconded by Mary

Ginnie was proposed by Victoria and seconded by Harriet.

Debbie is standing down from the MBBA Committee.

  1. All those present were in favor of these two re-elections.

  Item 3 – Any Other Business –

Proposed change to the MBBA Constitution

Since MBBA is an Unincorporated Association and not a Charity, an independent audit, as stated in our Constitution is not actually a legal requirement.  Our prepared accounts can be signed off by a non-MBBA member with the qualifications to do so.

Caroline, our new treasurer, is a qualified accountant and it is she who has prepared and signed the MBBA accounts.  In order to follow due process, we will now also enlist an independent individual to sign off these accounts before they are posted on our website.

We are therefore, under Any Other Business in the Agenda, proposing a change to the wording in the Constitution to reflect this clarification.  The wording will now read ‘independent review’.

Agreed by all present with no objections received from the membership.

 Committee agreed unanimously that there will, from now on, be a minimum of three fundraising events each year and a minimum of three Committee meetings each year.

 Meeting Closed at 7.30pm